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a pregnant woman holds her belly as a sun shaped like a heart rises behind her

The Big News

This June I found out I was pregnant. Yes, pregnant! The moment I saw a positive test I was numb. I didn't know what to feel or think. The next day, heart-pounding, palms sweating, I decided to make an appointment to confirm the pregnancy.

Fear and worries

I have to be honest, I was so afraid of what the doctors were going to say because of my heart transplant. Those that know my history know that I had an extremely hard pregnancy with my son 5 years ago. The only difference is with my son I hadn't yet received a heart transplant.

In spite of being transplanted and living a better life the last 5 years, it didn't take my fear and worries away. I didn't know what to expect. I knew I was going to have to be brave and tuck the fears away. I called my nurse to let her know I was pregnant after confirming at the OBGYN. All I remember was hearing crickets, she was so silent on the phone. I would take a wild guess and say she was shocked!

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After the silence

After the silence, all the questions began and she scheduled an appointment for me to come in and see my doctor. The day came that I had to face him. I remember sitting in the examining room anticipating him walking in. He walked in and looked at me, reached his hand out, and said congratulations! I was shocked, to say the least.

We all took a seat, including my nurse, and he gave it to me raw but with so much love. All the pros and cons of being a heart transplant patient and becoming pregnant. Some of the information made anxiety arise, but at that point, all I could do was accept it and be strong. Having my baby was my main priority in spite of it all.

Every step of the way

When he finished giving me all the information, he touched my shoulder and told me that no matter what, he was walking with me every step of the way. When I tell you the tears flowed down my face. I was so filled with gratitude and to hear those words put my heart at peace. Having the support of my doctor and his team meant the whole world to me.

A second chance

Some would say this was a bad idea and I should not have allowed myself to become pregnant with all the risks at hand. Why would I put myself through it all again? My honest answer would be God gave me a second chance at life and I believe a second chance to have a baby also because he allowed it.

I was told after having my son that they were going to tie my tubes, but because the surgery was so intense, they weren't able to. This was before my transplant. I didn't know what not being able to tie my tubes meant at the time, but deep down in my heart, I felt like it meant something. No tied tubes, the heart transplant came soon after, and 5 years later, after being healthy and strong, my pregnancy happened!

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