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Small Scale Gardening - Flowers in Your Heart

Growing plants in your mind and heart is as effective as growing them in your home. Often with heart failure, we may need to give up or downscale our major hobbies and find new ones. It can be challenging to decide what to do, especially if we are feeling down and out.

Watering potted plant

Finding peace in house plants

Nature is my peacemaker. It always makes me feel better, no matter what I am going through or how I am feeling. When we are unable to hike or garden on a large scale, we can always bring the garden and nature into our homes. I know taking care of plants is not for everyone, but if you are willing to try and increase your mental well-being, it is worth a shot. Little physical effort can yield great mental health rewards.

Indoor gardening

House plants are good all year round once you have found what works for you in your climate. I love pothos, philodendrons, cacti, and spider plants, but be sure to check which plants are safe for your pets if you have any. Choosing easy-to-grow plants, in particular, is a good way to start. Some plants are too sensitive and can be stressful, so steer clear of those if you're a beginner.


  • Some plants can increase air quality! A quick internet search will help you find the best air-purifying plants.
  • You can choose to grow herbs and provide fresh herbs for your family and cooking. You could also look into raised garden beds for a balcony and plant some vegetables. One small bed can provide high-reward goods.
  • Gardening is a therapeutic hobby that is low-impact and very rewarding. You can do it little by little and only as you have the strength.
  • Gardening will introduce you to new communities and support structures you might not even know you need. This could alleviate some loneliness and bring joy to your life.

Heart with flowers

Small changes to improve mental health

These small changes may seem insignificant compared to what you might need to do for your health, but they can make a difference. There are many small hobbies that you can take up and bring a new quality and joy to your life.

With heart failure, one is not always able to keep up with the pace of life and social demands. This can understandably make a person feel isolated and lonely. Finding a new way to bring peace and joy into your personal space can be very helpful.

Getting started

If you have a garden outside, you can sow some easy seeds for annual flowers that require little to no maintenance. Things like sweet peas and cosmos only require the ground to be scraped loosely, and you can sow the seeds and water along with the rest of your garden. They will soon bring you a beautiful display of flowers. Instead of worrying too much about the edges and how perfect it can or can't be, allow your home and garden to become a place to relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. Allow it to bring you peace and joy.

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