My 5-Year-Old Tells Other Kids About Getting an EKG

My family has a genetic heart condition called Brugada Syndrome which is often diagnosed from an abnormal EKG, and I have to be monitored yearly. Because of the family history, my doctor recommended that my daughter get a baseline EKG in the chance that she has symptoms in the future.

On her appointment day, I thought that some kids in her position might be scared or nervous, but she did really well! In this video she tells other kids what it's like to get an EKG, in case they are nervous and need encouragement!

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Has your child needed an EKG?

I would love to hear from other parents in the community about what is has been like getting an EKG or other tests done for their kids. Were they nervous? Did they do well? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to learn more about the test and what it's looking for, you can check out: What is an EKG?

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