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How Do You Use Social Media in Your Heart Failure Journey?

The Heart-Failure.net community is a place for people to connect with one another, learn more about heart failure, ask questions, and share stories and experiences. We want to be helpful in creating and fostering the connections of our community members while continuing to provide information and relatable experiences in ways that are accessible to those who would benefit most from them.

In order to do this to the best of our abilities, we are asking our community members to fill out the following poll questions. These answers will help us to gain insight into how our community uses social media and how we could best share information with all of you!

Social media use and heart failure

We would love to hear more information about how you use social media in your heart failure journey. Please visit this forum or leave a comment to share feedback and information in a more open-ended way!

Thank you

Thank you so much for answering these questions to help us better understand how our community members view the use of social media in spreading awareness and education about heart failure. We appreciate all of your time and feedback!

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