Three people holding oversized hearts making it difficult to do daily activities such as sleep, eat, and exercise. Above them reads “Heart Failure Awareness Month”

Heart Failure Awareness Month- It's Hard Work!

February marks Heart Failure Awareness Month. Now more than ever, let us bring awareness to what it is like to live with heart failure. We know managing a heart failure diagnosis is hard work. There is the reality of getting a diagnosis, the major lifestyle change and priorities, symptom and treatment management, medication adherence, physical exhaustion, and chronic pain. It is a lot to manage.

image of anatomical heart with shadow
This year, we are all about making your voice heard and letting others know this disease goes far beyond your heart – it deeply impacts all aspects of life. Below, we have tools for connecting and making the most of heart failure awareness. Keep reading to discover ways you can join us in spreading awareness this month.

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Until February 17th, you can enter our Symptom and Healing Journal Giveaway. You could win a journal to help make managing heart failure less challenging. Learn more about the giveaways and enter to win below. We will be selecting 2 lucky winners!

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Share your story

Spread heart failure awareness by sharing your personal story with us. How did you feel getting diagnosed? What was the process like? How has your life changed since your diagnosis?

Join the conversation!

Do you feel that heart failure gets enough awareness? What would you like to share with others about your heart failure diagnosis? Join the discussion and tell us in our forums section!

Connect with us on social

Did you know we are on Facebook, and Twitter? Connect with us to get the most out of Heart Failure Awareness Month.

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