Change of Heart

When I was 48 I was diagnosed with breast cancer! A mastectomy and chemotherapy followed. The chemo was very intense and lasted six months. I believe the doctors knew it would affect my heart as I saw a cardiologist not long after completing chemo.

Difficulties after chemotherapy

The chemo caused my immune system to be very weak and I caught all kinds of infections, then I got bit by a tick and got Lyme Disease. I started having fluid retention in my middle fifties, then shortness of breath. My heart valve was closing up, and I developed left bundle branch block and atrial flutter.

I’m on Entresto, Eliquis, Metropopol, Atoravastatin and Torosemide and other medications for other autoimmune disorders. My doctors call me frail. I keep going as much as I can. God lights my way! God Bless Y’all!

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