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Heart Transplant Hopeful

I have been diagnosed with severe heart failure since February 2020 and have been on medication since. Late last year my doctor advised me to consider a heart transplant and on agreeing, I went through the work up process. I was officially added to the transplant list in February 2023.

The heart transplant process

On Sunday 9th July 2023, I received a call advising me that I was a possible candidate for a donor heart and that I needed to come in for test early Monday morning 10th July 2023. I was excited and scared at the same time. During the work up process the heart transplant team prepares you for everything to come should a heart become available. There is usually more than one candidate that qualifies for the heart, but an antibody test and a few other factors determine who gets the heart.

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It is a very complex time for family and the patients awaiting the outcome of the antibody tests. My antibodies showed a higher rejection to the donor heart, so it wasn't my lucky day. I was glad for the other patient as he matched better and was in a worse condition than me.

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A rollercoaster of emotions

It was very disappointing for my family, and they reacted differently. My mum was happy because she feels I should die with my own heart and my son and husband felt that when the time is right I will get the right heart. My daughter was devastated and cried a lot.

All around I think I was and am ok, but it's been a few days and I'm see-sawing emotionally. I'm happy but sad too. Calm but angry. I like that I can chat to the psychologist about my feelings, but it's still a crazy time.

Staying positive

To everyone out there going through this challenging time... I can relate. There is hope, so a heart can become available at anytime. Up until the last moment there is always hope. Don't give up. Try to remain positive as best as you can. All I can say is...Hoc knows best.

Feeling the feelings, trying to survive while living in the chaos, one day at a time.

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