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Just joined and navagating the site. Have read some of the info which has been a reminder and useful. I’m a husband and carer of someone who had an MI about 12 years ago that did a fair amount of muscle damage. Has has a significant impact on us.

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Thank you for sharing your experience @rita. That is so scary. I am so sorry that the doctors did not take your symptoms seriously and just attributed it to just giving birth. How are you feeling these days? Do you feel that your heart failure is controlled? Are you taking anything that helps? Hope to hear from you soon. Best, Amani…

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Hi samanta thank u for sharing ur experience. Unfortunately i almost died cuz of this. I was in the hospital 2 different times complaining about shorten of breath and couldn’t lay on my back. And they discharged me saying everything was ok. At age of 36 One week after giving birth i had a fatal heart attack and my heart Ejection fraction was at 5…