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22 year heart disease survivor

I was 32 when I had a widow maker
Emergency open heart surgery
Now on my 3rd crt-d
Heart failure I have , but I don’t let it run me
Look forward to this group
My ef is at 22%
Will have a echo done this month to check it

My husband and I with our grandkids

  1. hi there, thank you for sharing with us & joining our community. 32 is so young- I am sure you were not expecting to hear your doctors tell you you had a widow maker. I bet it was really scary for you. I like your attitude " you have heart failure but you won't let it run you" that's such a great attitude and I am sure it helps keep you positive and pushing forward. How do you feel with an EF of 22%? ❤️ Best, Amani ( team)

    1. beautiful photo by the way, thank you for sharing with our community. Look at all those happy smiles!! ❤️ Best, Amani ( team)

      1. Very inspiring words, hang in there and yes,lovely photo.

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