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Does anyone have bad abdominal swelling?

Does anyone have bad abdominal swelling? I have it so bad if I bend over can't breathe.

  1. Hi. halfbaked. I see you posted this several days ago. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling better? John. Community Moderator.

    1. Had horrible abdominal swelling in February 2021 when I was diagnosed with heart failure at age 54 with an EF of 25. After 4 stents and 3 months on meds and exercise there is no swelling in abdomen or legs. Follow up Echo scheduled in two weeks. Hoping for drastic improvement in EF.

      1. , so glad to hear the swelling is way down! Please keep us posted on how your echo goes and wishing you a wonderful day. - John M. ( Team)

      2. As John noted above, that is so neat to hear that your current treatment regimen is working. It will be neat hearing the results of your upcoming echo. Please do keep us posted. John. community moderator

    2. Got ECHO results today. EF is up to 55. Very thrilled with the results.

      1. That's wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing with us and have a lovely evening 😀 - John M. ( Team)

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