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Amlodipine and orthopnea

Has anyone experienced worsening shortness of breath when laying down after starting amlodipine? I wonder if the beta blockers have caused reduced heart contractility leading to the feeling of increased chest pressure after starting amlodipine. My doctor thinks im crazy though and just told me to keep taking it..

  1. I'm hoping a community member(s) will chime in with their experience but I just wanted to send you some positivity in the meantime. Might you be able to get a second opinion? It doesn't sound like your current doctor is taking your concerns seriously. Wishing you all the best. - John M. ( Team)

    1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Sorry, you are experiencing this symptom and that your doctor did not respect your concerns. It will be neat to hear what other community members have to say about your inquiry. In the meantime, noted in his comment, "Would you consider a second opinion?" A second doctor may more closely look into your condition, have fresher ideas, and hopefully give you the respect you deserve. Good luck. John. community moderator

      1. /I have been taking it for years and so far havent had any problems. Try sleeping on your right side. Some say the left as usual most doctors dont agree on the same thing. Try the right and see how it works. Dont sleep on your back

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