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Anxiety and depression

For years, I had struggled with anxiety and depression, feeling like she was trapped in a perpetual storm. Each day, i faced the relentless waves of negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions. The weight of it all threatened to drown her spirit, leaving her feeling isolated and hopeless.

  1. - We are here for you and you are not alone. I am sharing an article with you regarding heart failure and depression. I think it may resonate with you. How ar eyou managing? - Clair Community Moderator

    1. welcome to the heart failure community and thank you for sharing. Definitely understandable to have anxiety and depression when having heart failure. One’s emotions are sometimes all over the place with racing thoughts of what will happen in the future, family, and sometimes even paying for all the medical treatment and medication. You’re definitely not alone. What are some ways you keep your mind off of things? Leslie (Community Moderator)

      1. Depression and anxiety are something that plague everyone no matter where you are in your heart journey. Have you talked to a therapist? For me that helped me through the depression and anxiety. It doesn't mean that you won't have your bad days, but it will help you to cope. I am also linking an article that I wrote in January that tells my journey with anxiety and depression. I wish you all the best. -Olivia

        1. When I was first diagnosed with heart failure in December 2022 I was devastated. I always knew that it was a possibility due to being diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation in 2008 which has got worse over the years. It got to the stage that by February 2023 I didn't want to live anymore and was seriously thinking about how to end it all. Instead I spoke to my GP who was wonderful and very understanding and supportive. I was prescribed 50 mg of Sertraline which was increased to 100 mg a couple of months later. Once the medication started to work (which does take some time), I now feel great (from a mental health point of view), which in turn has helped me accept the heart failure diagnosis and it helped me change my whole outlook on life. I let my body dictate what I do and if some days I don't feel like doing any housework then I don't. Be kind to yourself. Never beat yourself up about things. Yes, you will still get days when you don't feel as good either mentally, emotionally or physically, but try to stay positive. Tomorrow is another day and your mood may be different again. Never be afraid to reach out to people as you find that more often than not they will be willing to help you even if it's just listening. Take care and stay strong.

          1. What a journey you have been on. Goodness me. YOu have shared some sage advice too, so thank you. I wanted to just pop in to say that I take my hat off to you, for reaching out for help when you needed it.

            Mental health should be taken very seriously, and I am so charmed that you have gotten the help you need. Listening to your body and being kind to yourself is very important.

            How is your heart health these days?
            Clair ( Team Member)

          2. Beautiful, really resonated with me

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