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Artery calcification

My LAD is severely calcified. I learned this from tests done. To make the story short, I had some miscommunications with doctors so I never got the answers I needed. I feel nervous pushing the matter. They have not talked about any kind of treatment! Should they not try stents or bypass surgery? Are there reasons that they only use medications? I am afraid that I will have a heart attack. Also, I know that I am reaching stage 4 heart failure. They have not referred me to advanced care?

  1. Thank you for posting your concerns here. Sorry you are having to deal with all this. And rest assured you are not alone in leaving a doctor's appointment with unanswered questions -- or (like me) thinking of questions as soon as you get in the car following an appointment. All of your questions are valid, and you are deserving of answers. One thing you can do is call your doctor's office. And even if your doctor cannot talk to you, I am sure a nurse can help you find the answers you deserve. And another option is to go to your health website, and from there you should be able to email your doctor any questions you have. I use the later mostly as I don't like talking on the phone. Does this help? John. community moderator

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