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Chest pain

I am interested in finding out if the community has any in put as to the different types of chect pain ,their duration, their intensity and really important to me is ..."where on the chest have you felt pain.

I am thinking the ones I am after are more to COPD, Emphysema side of things, but I am not discounting angina as the source of the pain.

  1. Hi. Hi. Thank you for your inquiry. And you are not alone in wondering about the different types of chest pain. We do have an article on this topic that you may find helpful. And, along with the types of pain described in the article, there are also types of chest pain due to other conditions, such as COPD as you note. GERD and anxiety ( may also cause different types of chest pain. And sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference. I think a general rule among us healthcare folks is if you are experiencing chest pain, it is a good idea to get checked out by a medical professional. That said, are you experiencing some type of chest pain? John. community moderator.

    1. I am aware of the different comorbidities potentials for causing chest pains. what initiated my inquiry was that I have had resent chest pains. These pains (three different times) were very very small finger tip type pains and each time I took a 1/2 nitro and the part that has me questioning things is, after the nitro the pain did stop (which I know would indicate angina), however I have so many other things that could be causing (My Emphysema, my back pain issues from hell, aortic aneurysm, my heart failure) chest pain it is confusing.
      The only history I can relate is prior to my 1979 triple bypass I did have "one time" finger tip very light type chest pain (hard to call these pain, because they did not hurt)
      which I guess could/would be labeled angina.

      1. That's interesting. Like my colleague said, we definitely recommend you speak with a medical professional(s) about this as we are not allowed to provide medical advice here (for your safety). Thanks so much for stopping by and please keep us posted on how you're doing! - John M. ( Team)

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