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Early detection of fluids in the lung?


Regarding early detection of fluids in the lung as early signs of heart failure - I stumbled upon Sensible Medical's ReDS vest system ( that is...).

Is there any medical stuff personal here that used this kind of product before? Is that any good? Are there better products in the market for detection of lung fluids?


  1. Thank you for asking your question. I hope people in the community can share their experiences with the vest system. Have you had a chance to chat with your doctor about it? ❤️ Best, Amani ( team)

    1. Thanks for the reply. Actually this is not even for me.
      A friend of mine had breathing difficulties lately. He rushed to the hospital and...Guess what..heart failure! Anyway we talked about it and he mentioned this vest thing (he saw it mentioned on facebook or something...). His doctor never heard of it.

      Now, I'm not a doctor nor do I have any medical background, so I have good reasons to be suspicious when new medical technologies pop up.

      I decided that the best thing is to ask about this technology right here. Call it a hunch, but I think there are probably 90% chances there are better ways for this, but this vest looks kind of cool. So here I am 😀.

  2. Thanks for sharing. You are a good friend! Taking time to ask in a community forum to see if the vest does in fact work and can help someone in heart failure. How is your friend feeling these days? ❤️ Best, Amani ( team)

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