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Echocardiogram Report (May 2023)

Good Morning HF Family,

I am in need of help and hope I can find it here.

I am experiencing the following symptoms that have prompted me to get additional testing since March:

1. Edema in legs and feet
2. Blue feet and toes
3. Face, arms and hands turning dark brown/black while I sleep. I am a light skinned (yellow to white complexion) Black female, so this is very concerning!
4. Hacking dry cough
5. Extreme dizziness and lightheadedness
6. New phenomenon the past few days, when I lay down, the weirdest feeling comes over me. It's a more extreme lightheadedness,'s something I can't explain and very uncomfortable. I feel like I'm leaving my's hard to explain, sorry.

I saw the NP yesterday and she was honest and stated she cannot find the cause of my dizziness, lightheadedness, blue feet/toes, adema, etc. She doesn't think it's my moderate to severe tricuspid valve issues, but stated she couldn't rule it out. She will discuss more with my cardiologist.

She also states that the Diastolic dysfunction could be an error on my report. I asked her why it wasn't removed if that is the case, and why does my cardiologist not indicate it in his Summary if the radiologist noted it while reviewing.

She danced around that concern and stated if I do have DD, it's mild.
I then questioned how could it be MILD if I am symptomatic with extreme symptoms, and the E/A ratio indicates it is abnormal?

Obviously my body is not getting enough oxygen since my feet and toes turn blue, my hands, arms and face turn almost black to dark brown as I sleep, and sitting or exerting myself leaves me literally gasping for air. I can't have a conversation without huffing and puffing and she noted that herself.

I've had enough of not being heard.

I cannot walk 10 ft. without feeling like I'm going to pass out or be extremely winded.

I have an appt. with a heart failure cardiologist in June, and I am keeping this appointment. All of the symptoms I have point to heart failure, but I'm not getting a clear answer.

She also stated there is no concern about the valve issue when I questioned if it was time to evaluate that more to determine if I need a repair or replacement.

Sorry this is all over the place, but I need help.

Please offer any advice and opinions. None of this makes sense to me and do I have to die before someone finally gets a hint to why I was struggling all of this time.

  1. Hi. I see that you posted this back in May. I am sorry that you have not received a reply to your concern here. We are here every day. Although, sometimes a comment can get missed as yours seems to have. We are genuinely concerned for your well being. How did your appointment with your cardiologist go? Have you had any progress that you can report to us since you last posted back in May? How are you feeling today? Wishing you all the best. John. community moderator.

    1. I'm so sorry you're going through so much. Did you ever hear back from your Cardiologist? How are you doing? I know exactly how you're feeling not having answers. I didn't have any for 3.5 years and I'm not sure I have the answer now. Please let us know how you're doing. Take care!

      1. Thank you for participating in our thread! How are you feeling these days? Morgan ( Moderator)

    2. msdizzydolores your symptoms sound like an heart issue, I ended up in ER to finally find out what was wrong with me. Thought I had asthma, could not breathe, abnormal EKG And AFib, cardiologist said we just need to watch this, I went to ER because I thought I was going to die, I was admitted and 5 days in hospital pushing meds they got me to a level I could live with.... I actually was dying.

      1. Wow! How long ago was this? I can see that it's been awhile. How are you feeling these days? Have you stayed with the same meds since you were in the ER? Morgan ( Moderator)

    3. I would be calling 911 every day until they get the point.

      1. I hear you! Have you ever not felt heard by a doctor? Morgan ( Moderator)

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