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The other night I forgot to take any of my pills. I woke in the night, my heart was doing funny things. I had a hard time going to sleep. In the morning when I went to get my pills my box showed I did not take my night pills. I have a pill box for day and night.

  1. This is when brain fog really gets in the way, I find that setting an alarm for medication times along with a pill holder can be very helpful. Has your heart since settled down?
    - Clair Community Moderator

    1. I do agree with setting an alarm. My aunt has a series of reminders on her phone reminding her to take her medicine. Really recommended!

      1. Hi Emma, thanks for sharing what works well for you aunt. I agree with her that phone reminders are super helpful. I find it especially helpful that each reminder is able to be labeled. -Lauren (team member)

      2. I definitely agree that setting an alarm is a great idea, but if one has more than one medication to take a cell phone app, such as MyMedSchedule may help to organize all medications by adding them on the app and setting timer for each of the medications. This app also allows a place for allergies and a location to put a medical cardiologist team phone and hospital address on it. Thank you for sharing. Leslie (Community Moderator)

    2. I also have a bit of brain fog and short memory problems. I don’t use a pillbox. I just hold the pills in my hand and walk around with them. By the time I take them I think what am I doing. My brain seems to have trained to remember it. So far so good.

      1. I am glad that you have a system! Taking your medications as directed is so important. Hugs!! Morgan ( Moderator)

    3. It can be unsettling when you miss your pills.
      Consider setting an alarm or reminder to help remember.
      If symptoms persist, consult your doctor for guidance and reassurance.

      1. Yes indeed, managing medications with ADHD and a chronic illness can be challenging.
        Using alarms is a smart strategy to stay organized and ensure you take your medications on time.

      2. Welcome, i'm glad to hear phone alarms and reminders are such a big help for you. They can really make a difference in managing daily tasks and medications!

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