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Does anyone else have hair loss?

In the past couple of months, I noticed a significant amount of hair loss. When I brush my hair, chunks fall out of my head. I'm happy I had a lot of hair or I would be bald but it is getting close... Can anyone relate or give me suggestions on how to get it back?

  1. HI. Thank you for your post. Sorry that you are experiencing hair loss. I am just curious: Are you thinking your hair loss may be due to heart-failure or from a heart failure medicine? John. community moderator

    1. Try biotin supplements it restores hair

      1. Check with your doctor, sounds like Telegen Effluviam - if so, hair will grow back naturally.

        1. Antibiotic therapy can cause hair loss like this as well as other medications. Ask your doctor, and take supplements of DHEA/prednisalone if appropriate.

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