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Heart Failure

I have had heart failure for sometime. I have had two stem cell trials tested on me with little to no help. My EF is 25. I recently tried a new approved device and I am only the second person in south Florida to have put in me. It is a device like a defibrillator put in my right part of my chest, which has two lead wires put in my ventricle shooting electricity to my heart to help it pump better. I do feel better and my shortness of breath has greatly improved. Not sure it is for everyone but it takes several months to show improvement. The name of the company is Impulse Dynamic… known as a CCM heart device.

  1. This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing with our community and keep up the great work 😀 All the best - John M. ( Team)

    1. out of curiosity, what type of heart failure do you have? Did your insurance cover this medical device?

      1. My insurance covered the procedure. I have an medicare advantage plan...Sorry not sure what you are asking of what type..two heart attacks, two stem cell trials and low EF.

    2. Thank You for posting this info. I made an appointment with a doctor about this procedure since reading your post. I recently tried a stem cell procedure, but not sure if it will show results. The company that makes the CCM has a lot of good information and patient testimonies about this device. I'm hoping this device will help my heart improve as well.

      1. Glad to hear you found post helpful. Good luck with your upcoming appointment. Please do keep us posted how it goes for you. John. community moderator.

    3. Thanks John.. I will definitely post an update,

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