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Heart muscle damage after heart attack

Hi I'm new to the forum.
I had a heart attack in July, which turned my world upside down for a while. Today I found out I have heart muscle damage!!! I really don't understand what this means ? And I'm struggling to process this information, can anybody enlighten me? Much appreciation Tracy

  1. Hi. Tracy. I will attempt to give you a response to your inquiry. When you have a heart attack (also known as myocardial infarction) it means that part of your heart tissue was left without oxygen for a period of time due to a blockage of the coronary artery that feeds that area of your heart. And this tissue becomes necrotic and dies. That is what a heart attack is. The good news is that, when you seek medical attention as you did, your heart attack can be treated, and the area affected is limited. So, this part of your heart is damaged. I think that is what your doctor may be referring to by saying your heart is damaged. This can make it so your heart is not as strong as it once was -- although that depends on how much of your heart is damaged. And so your doctor will monitor you closely, perhaps by doing regular exams and having you undergo procedures like echocardiograms. That is what I am thinking your doctor is referring to. Does this help? Do you have further questions? John. community moderator

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