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Nursing Student Research: Daily Management of CHF

When was the first time you heard about heart failure?
What information did they give you regarding the illness and how did you feel?
How is your relationship with a healthcare professional?
Do you feel well informed about heart failure? Which professional do you think helps you the most in this?
What recommendations do professionals give for the treatment of heart failure?
What are the main difficulties in following the therapeutic recommendations prescribed by primary care professionals?
What do you think the healthcare professional can do more in relation to heart failure?
How would you like your primary care professionals to help you?
Do you find something missing in the healthcare attention?

Daily Life:
Does your heart disease affect your daily life? In which sense?
What activities or strategies help you to live with heart failure in your daily life?
What activities recommended by healthcare professionals are easiest for you to follow?
Do you think you can do something to improve your illness?

Social Support:
Do you think heart failure affects you in your family and social relationships?
In what sense has it affected you?
How important is social support for you?
What strategies do you use to try not to let this not affect you?
How do you feel about that?

How do you feel about the disease? Can you describe it to me with a feeling?
How do you go about trying to feel better? Do you find space to relax?
Do you think you have learned to take care of your illness?

How do you imagine the future with the disease?
What do you think can happen?
Has anyone talked to you about this?

  1. i am a 72 yr old retired RN. 9 years ago i was dx with high blood pressure during my annual physical with no complaints. i started on a betablocker ( metoprolol ) with good control. over the next 2 years , i had increased dosage of betablockers for rising BP. EKG showed AFIB so i started on xeralto. then i woke in the night with acute dyspnea and went to the ER via ambu. i went straight to the ICU for 17 days. discharged with dual chamber pacemaker and lopressor, diltiazemDL, xarelto, lasix, avorstatin, pantoprazole, various vitamins and nuts and twigs diet. since then i have had a number of CHF episodes where i had a return to the ICU. my cardiologist feels i am on the most useful meds. when i asked about activities he tells me that i can do anything i am able to do with no restrictions. i have elliptical. stationary bike, bowflex and homegym system. also 4 kayaks, canoe, 4 bikes i use them when it's not too nasty out. i have SOB with exertion, puffy face. i wear knee high compression stockings when i am up and about. more later. i'm glad to share my decline

    1. Thank you for joining the conversation and sharing so openly. How have you been feeling lately? We appreciate your presence here and look forward to hearing from you soon 😀 - John M. ( Team)

  2. My husband is a Registered Nurse and I am sure he would be more than happy to help since he also has heart failure. In his final semester of nursing school he was doing he preceptorship in and Emergency Room and had a heart attack and went in to V-Fib. The doctor and nurse he was working with that day saved his life!

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