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How long is too long for superventricular

I get it a couple times a day or less. Ranging from 5 minutes to 30 with it relaxing to 100 sometimes and max 140 but mostly 120-130. Resting heart rate if around 80-100

  1. Hi. That is a great question. And I would think this is something you should discuss with a cardiologist or even your PCP if you do not have a cardiologist. Or have you done this already? It would be neat to see what a doctor has to say. John. community moderator.

    1. Yes and apparently i am fine... but it was a 24 hour holtor monitor and I've had a few ecgs and blood tests and 1 x ray

      1. Hi, and thanks for reaching back out. We are glad you had an opportunity to check with your doctor. How are you feeling today? All the best, Lauren (Team Member)

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