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living with Heart Failure

how often does a cardiologist need to see you when you have heart Failure? I feel like every 6 months no matter what does not go for every person.

  1. I see my cardiologist every 3-6 months for follow-up visits unless I'm not feeling well. Then I either call him or make an appointment

    1. Interestingly, I had a discussion on how often my doctor needs to see me with my doctor at my last check-up. He said that anyone on any heart medicine should be seen at least every six months. And, of course, anyone who requires close monitoring should be seen even more frequently. Otherwise, the recommendation is for at least an annual check-up. I actually prefer at least a six month check-up, as the older I get the more questions that come up that I'd like to talk to my doctor about -- and being on a blood pressure medicine as I am qualifies for the six month mark, per my doctor. Does your doctor want to see you every six months? Do you think you should be seen more often or less? Just curious. John. community moderator

      1. I alternate seeing my cardiologist and nurse practitioner every six months.

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