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Mum heart issues Please help ?

Back in 2020 peak of Covid my mother got a cough that lasted months she couldn’t see the gp so dismissed it little did she know it was fluid on the lungs cut a long story short she had a heart attack her heart was damaged after this she has a left branch block and 10% ejection fraction , she took tablets to see if improved it did slightly but only 20% she then had a pacemaker fitted 2021 which helped a lot , my question is she feels like absolutely crap in the morning till around 3pm then late afternoon. And evening she feels like a new person so much energy , she is really feeling down because every morning it’s the same thing she feels terrible she is still taking the tablets etc is there anything she can do to help herself feel better in morning it’s strange that she is so good early evening onwards but when she wakes up she feels dizzy sick and faint every single day , does anybody else experience this or have and managed to make changes ?

  1. I understand what she's going through. I had my heart attack back February 3 2019, it was a widow maker. That's when all 4 valves are blocked 100%. they saved my life by puting a single stint in my heart and believe it or not, I walked out of the hospital 3days later. Well 2 years went by and started to feel drained, no energy then eventually I developed a serious cough that wouldn't go away. I would cough until I couldn't catch my breath and pass out and the simplest tasks would leave me out of breath. One night I went into a coughing fit that wouldn't stop and I started having serious chest pains, " it was my heart " my wife called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital. I can remember being wheeled in and seeing all the Drs and nurses all around me and I remember the huge needle being stuck into my stomach but nothing for three weeks after that because I was in induced coma and on complete life support. The lower lobe of my heart took quite the beating leaving it with only a 15% ejection fraction but in my case it will ever heal I've got congestive heart failure and because of all the water pills I've been taking and the pancreatitis I had I'm also in stage 3 of kidney failure and my Drs diagnosed me as being terminal so my case manager referred me to hospice care. I'm not meaning to scare nor worry you but all the symptoms you explained in your post about waking up every morning feeling extremely sick, dizzy, faint, and I have the worst pain in my shoulder joints and my neck that comes along with it. It eases up a little in the evening but the same when I wake up.make sure that she continues to take her meds and no salt or cigarettes. Try to limit her fluid intake to a quart a day. That's the combined amount of all liquids, no sodas, coffee and cut back on sugarband red meat. If she has a hard time getting any exercise because of running out of breath, have her exercise in bed by doing leg lifts and bending her knees and ankles and wiggle her toes to keep the circulation going. If she doesn't she'll end up with a pulmonary embolism like I did, I was on blood thinners for a couple of months that caused internal bleeding so I stopped taking them. I wish there were something I could do to make everything better for your mom but all I can do is pray and I will do that for you. Feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to chat with. It really helps to know that your not alone.

    1. Rick Smith

  2. Hi. I see you are new to our community, having just joined up on earlier today. Glad to see that you are already participating here, in the forums. Sorry to hear that your mother is experiencing all of this. I also see that you received a response from (Rick Smith). As you can see from his response to you, your mother is certainly not alone in experiencing this. Have you had time to consider his response to you. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. Welcome to our community! I am so sorry that this is happening to your mom. I would talk to her cardiologist and or maybe seek a second option and tell them her symptoms to see what they say. Best wishes. -Olivia

      1. Hello again I was wondering if your mother was successful in finding out why she was waking up in the morning feeling so sickly. I asked my cardiologist why I was experiencing the same symptoms and even introduced my problem to my practitioner but for some reason my words seem to fall upon deaf ears because they give no answer to what it could be that is making me feel so lousy in the morning. Anyway I'm still praying for a miracle to happen for all of us and remember that your not alone.

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