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my grandma has heart failure, and i'm terrified.

she helped me when my brothers and i needed it. she let me do homeschool when i needed it. she's done so much, but she told me she will die early. it's not fair, it'll never be fair. she told me it's because my brothers fight a lot, and i feel horrible. the doctors aren't helping fully, her heart stopped 54 times in one day. (i think?) i'm only 16 i have nobody else, i'm lost. it's partially that i'll have nowhere to go; but also that she'll lose her life, and not be able to enjoy living as an elder. she'll never be able to enjoy that part of life. she basically risked her life for me, i've never been more greatful.

  1. Hi. I'm truly sorry to hear about the challenges you and your grandma are facing. Your appreciation for her sacrifices is evident. It's a tough situation, and your feelings are valid. Stay strong. Have you tried reaching out to family and friends for support -- or perhaps seeing a counselor may be helpful? John. community moderator.

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