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Smart watches

I been thinking about getting a smart watch since I have multiple issues to help track different things such as BP, heart rate 02levels etc etc any suggestions

  1. Hi. That is a great question. I am hoping other community members will respond with their recommendations, as it will be neat knowing which smartwatches are best for monitoring BP, heart rate, and O2 levels. I personally have an older Apple Watch, although it does not monitor any of these. John. community moderator.

    1. Hi. I see it has been a while since you posted. And I am wondering if you ended up getting an Apple Watch. I have a friend who has one that monitors her EKG (heart rhythm) and I think that is pretty cool. From my studies, I have learned that you would need an Apple Watch Series 4 or one of the more current models. I am just curious what you ended up doing? John. community moderator.

      1. I have an Apple Watch series 4. It monitors my heart rate and you can do an ekg for sinus rhythm& it checks for afib. I had COViD few weeks back with very high fever & passed out for few seconds. I came to and it was was going off I had fallen and if I didn’t respond I was ok was going to call 911 & my emergency contacts. I love my watch but I will say in the beginning after having my heart attack (which I coded) I was constantly checking my heart rate and doing ekg. I’ve since settled down some and don’t obsess over checking it constantly!
        I highly recommend Apple Watch if you have iPhone.

        1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Wishing you all the best 😀 - John M. ( Team)

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