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What is your favorite way to get moving?

Regular exercise is a cornerstone of maintaining a healthy heart, and we want to encourage you to get moving in any way possible! Share your favorite way to get moving and why you love it in the comments below. Maybe you will inspire someone to try something new!

  1. I'm part of Walk with a Doc and another senior rec center walking group.

    1. So great. It really benefits everyone involved! All the best, Lauren (Team member)

    2. Thank you for sharing! Can you clarify what the Walk With the Doc program is? How did you find it? Morgan ( Moderator)

  2. That's wonderful! That's a wonderful way of staying active and a fantastic way of promoting heart health. How frequently ;do you engage in this activity? John. community moderator.

    1. My most favorite activity that prompted movement is either bicycling or running! Either way, being in motion and getting the opportunity to see the world around me while getting/staying fit and keeping myself in good health! Win win!

      1. Love to hear this! I'm glad that you have found exercise that you love! -Lauren (team member)

    2. Walking, because it doesn’t take any special equipment and on a nice day you can get the fresh air you need.

      1. Many health experts consider walking to be among the most beneficial activities, especially for individuals dealing with chronic conditions like heart failure. It not only promotes physical well-being but also offers the added advantage of spending time outdoors, which can contribute to a sense of calm and ease for the mind. Your insight is spot on! How often do you get out for a walk? John. community moderator

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