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What makes a great cardiologist?

You just got a heart failure diagnosis. You want to make sure you are being seen and taken care of by a great doctor. But what makes a great cardiologist? One of our advocates shares a list of 10 signs of a great doctor. Take a look and share with us below what you think makes a great doctor.

  1. What makes a good cardiologist for me is..."to tell you the truth " ! I had an echo with a very renown group of heart specialist and I had one at the VA. The problem was one of them was not telling me the truth. One said I had HF , the other said I had none !

    1. Hi. Thank you for sharing. Sorry, you had to deal with a doctor who did not tell you the truth. Honesty is definitely a sign of a great doctor. John. community moderator.

  2. The problem now is of course , Do I have HF or not ?

    1. Hi. Perhaps you would benefit from getting from a third doctor? Is that something you would consider, to find out for sure if you have heart failure? Just curious. John. community moderator.

  3. What makes a great cardiologist is one that listens to you and concern about your health. A Cardiologist that more than a Doctor but a compassionate person that can look beyond the person as a patient and see the individual as if it was there family member. I was fortunate to have a cardiologist like that and it made all the difference
    Kimberly ( Team)

    1. My cardiologist listens and is genuinely empathetic and compassionate. I feel comfortable talking to her about other issues, like the mild depression that sometimes accompanies having health problems. She's a specialist, but I feel like she's interest in my health in a general a and compassionate way.

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