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Why is my EF very high with left ventricular dysfunction?

Last EKG wasn't normal, have been having SVT's and PVC's for years. Sometimes I am about to faint. Landed in ER's too many times. Cardio docs have all told me it's not bad. The last echo I did showed worsening of thickened mitral leaflets and the EF is now at an all time high of 76%. My appointment with yet another cardio doc is a while away. Can anyone explain this to me? Most of the day I am in a chair and breathless. My hands are both ice cold and there are signs of bruising along the veins. Rheum doctor believes this is all connected to circulation.

  1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us again, and for your inquiry. We appreciate it. Sorry to hear that you are "breathless" for "most of the day" as you describe. I am not a doctor, although I am a respiratory therapist who treats many people who have symptoms as you describe here. In my experience, an EF of greater than 50 is generally considered a good EF. I am wondering if you have considered getting a second opinion from a different cardiologst other than the one you are currently seeing. Perhaps a second doctor may be able to answer your question here. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. Thanks for asking these questions. We aren't doctors, so we can't give medical advice but if you ask your doctor for more answers, they can explain it to you in more detail. There are however some articles written by others in the community that I'm attaching to this. I hope this helps you and please keep us posted on how you are doing. -Olivia

      1. Diastolic dysfunction. Not a pumping issue(systolic) but a filling issue(diastolic). I have this from a hole in my heart called an ASD.

        1. Hi , thanks for taking the time to share about your situation. Did you learn about your atrial septal defect as a child? Do you feel that your care is well managed? I hope so! Wishing you all the best, Lauren (team member)

      2. it's essential to discuss your symptoms and test results with your upcoming cardio doctor. The thickened mitral leaflets and high EF may indicate changes in your heart function. Breathlessness, cold hands, and signs of bruising should be addressed promptly, as they can be related to circulation issues.

        1. Hi there! Thanks for shining a light on the importance of getting checked out by a doctor. Severe breathlessness should be immediately seen by a doctor. All the best, Lauren (Team member)

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