The Shock (Part 2)

Editor's note: This is part 2 of a two-part series. Be sure to check out part 1!

Revival had been going on for 6 days already and we were on the last one. My excitement level was so high because I had enjoyed myself so far.

My angel now

We had a guest pastor that night. I went up for prayer and after it was over I went to walk off and head back to my seat. All I remember is my Pastor A.S. Johnson (who is my angel now) walking up to me asking if I was okay. I looked at him strangely because I didn’t understand why he walked up to me asking that question as if I didn’t look okay or as if something had happened.

I was getting ready to tell him I was okay, but before I could complete my sentence, the pacemaker shocked me! I looked up at the pastor, big-eyed and in a state of shock. Really unsure of what just happened, and before I could register it all... BOOOOOOM! Another shock! I literally thought I was dying and those shocks were my last breaths.


By this time my pastor grabbed me - he was 6 feet tall and a solid 300 lbs. - and when he grabbed me, he gripped me, and BOOM! Another shock! As he stumbled to the ground, he caught his balance, got back up, grabbed me tighter, and BOOM! Another shock! The same process repeated itself until the last shock. My pastor took every last one of those shocks with me.

I can remember the guest pastor over my left shoulder and my mother on the right. Him rubbing my head and praying while I was looking in my mother’s eyes, seeing the fear in hers and her seeing the fear in mine. It was a sad moment yet filled with the passion of love because of the uncertainty. I believe she thought the same thing I did, and as I looked to her for help...BOOM! Another shock.

The shock itself

When it was all said and done that pacemaker had shocked me a total of nine times. It took me back to when the young girl told me it felt like a bull kick in the chest. I wouldn’t quite say that for me and my experience the shocks were so severe, quick, and powerful you could have almost missed them. It was just fear and being overwhelmed because I never been shocked before.

The shock itself is indescribable. I couldn’t put it in words if I tried. What I will say is, what an experience it was! I lived years anxious and in fear anticipating that bull kick feeling, although I didn’t know what a bull kick felt like. When that day came, it was almost like I wasted years of fear.


So what am I saying? like I stated in part 1, it's all about experience and telling it from your point of view. That’s my point and my view! It’s so beautiful how stories are told, everyone's experiences are different but it doesn’t change the effect it had on that person. So I say this, no need to fear the unknown because the unknown could play out totally different than what you are planting in your head.

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