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Nobody’s Listening to Me. Nobody’s Listening!

People enjoy music because of how it makes them feel. Maybe it reminds them of a situation/event, brings about a sense of nostalgia, or just captures a raw emotion to which they relate.

I hear you Demi!

Let’s use Demi Lovato’s song “Anyone” for example. Demi agonizes over not being heard no matter how hard she tries or who/what she talks to. She asks God if there is anyone to listen to her and begs Him to send someone. When I heard THAT song, tears rushed down my face, and chills engulfed my body. I wanted to scream, “I HEAR YOU DEMI!!! I’M LISTENING!” In fact, I sing it at the top of my lungs whenever I hear it because I still feel nobody’s listening to me at times.

Healthcare providers don’t listen


As a moderator and casual participant in support groups on Facebook, I see far too many stories about healthcare providers NOT listening to the concerns of their patients.  Personally, I feel all forms of customer service declined over recent years. But, it is heartbreaking when this is so pervasive in a field like healthcare.

Almost cost me my life

This is an even larger concern in underserved communities. Granted, the physicians have spent years studying and mastering their areas of expertise. However, that should not negate the feelings and concerns of the patient. I remember having to tell physicians about my own background in biomedical sciences to get them to listen to me. Their failure to listen to me almost cost me my life. No one should have to go through that!

Seek other medical opinions

If you feel strongly about your concerns, and you have the means to do so, I encourage you to seek other medical opinions until you find someone who will at least show you the empathy you deserve (even if you don’t get the answer you’re expecting). That provider may not be listening to you, but there is a provider who will.

Family and friends don’t listen


We can all relate to the frustration of dealing with family and friends who don’t listen to what you have to say. This can be infuriating when the issues involve your health. It is even worse when you start showing signs of recovery. Everyone seems to “forget” that you are still overcoming health issues.

They don't get it

That is when you find yourself repeating conversations you’ve had before about needing help and the importance of being able to manage your stress, which – at least for me – is EVEN MORE stressful! It’s like they just don’t get it. Guess what? They probably don’t! You are the one living with your health condition, so you know how you are feeling mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Supportive outlets

Unfortunately, it is hard for others, even those closest to you, to really grasp what is going on because it is not happening to them. Therefore, it is important to consider expanding your support network to support groups. Talking to others in similar situations provides an outlet for you and could offer potential remedies to help you manage when you feel your family and friends aren’t listening.

Is anyone listening? YES, WE ARE!

The mental and emotional stress of chronic health conditions is real.  Thankfully, communities like Heart-failure.net provide you with a safe place to express your feelings. We even share our personal stories of tragedy and triumph, so you know you’re not alone. Additionally, we provide other valuable information to help you navigate surviving heart failure. So, if you’ve cried out “Lord, is there anyone listening?” The answer is yes. Somebody IS listening. That somebody is us!

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