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Trying My Best to Live a Full Life with Heart Failure

My story began in 2005 when I felt really tired one day. I was teaching at the time, so I thought one of the kids brought in an illness, but I decided to check in with my doctor.

Thank goodness she didn't just make a quick diagnosis. She saw something that prompted her to send me to the ER I would not have gone had it not been for my husband.

Diagnosed with more than heart failure

I was checked out and before I knew it, I was placed into the hospital for more tests I was diagnosed with parathyroidism (which required surgery), heart failure stage 2, and pink eye (really!!!), plus the cold I had picked up from the kids.

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I spent 5 days in the hospital for tests and parathyroid surgery. I found out that I had an ejection fraction of 30/40. I experienced rapid heart beats and that was tough at times. I haven't had them for so long.

Life after diagnosis

Now, my ejection fraction is in the 20's and I'm scheduled for an implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators (ICD). I've put the doctors off for about a year now. I think they mentioned it a few years ago too, but I didn't go for it. Now, I'm accepting the need for it.

The reality of living with heart failure

Until today, I thought I could beat this. Today, I tried to walk down to the James River. My husband and I go every now and again, and I've had no problems walking. Today, I couldn't breathe well enough to continue the walk. I finally see that I need the device.

I'm 65 and have no plans for leaving this world any sooner than I have to. The other thing I want to tell you: Listen to your doctor and take your medicine. Get all that life has to offer you.

God Bless You and stay positive!

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