Living with Low Ejection Fraction/Mitral Valve Regurgitation

An echocardiogram revealed I had mild mitral valve regurgitation with a low ejection fraction. On a daily basis since June 2021, I have had trouble breathing, severe fatigue, nausea, and extreme fluctuations in my blood pressure and heart rate, along with a host of other health issues that are associated with having a weak heart.

Medical Gaslighting

I can't get treatment because all of the doctors I see do not believe that I have a problem based on my mental health disability and the struggles I have with this disease -- behavioral issues and other issues that are related. This has been going on for over two years and even though I attempt to keep my doctors informed of relevant symptoms, which are still very much present and ongoing.

Nothing has been done, and in all the tests I’ve had done nothing has helped me. Everything in my body is shutting down slowly because of a lack of blood flow to my vital organs. For example, low blood flow has led to gastroparesis, kidney shutdown, and cyanosis in my feet. Not to mention central nervous system failure, full body tremors, and other complications associated with heart failure.

Adapting just to get by

I’ve been to eight different doctors and they all say the same. I am also a prisoner of public health insurance, which doesn’t make transferring to another doctor or hospital very easy. At 54, I’ve become disabled and practically dependent upon others for assistance. I have had to accept disability payments and at this point, I’m just adapting to my current circumstances just to get by.

It certainly isn’t easy, but what can I do? I basically have been bullied into thinking or feeling like everything is my fault.

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