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Ejection fraction

Just notified my EF has dropped to 17. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts with such a low EF?

  1. Hi , We definitely have other folks in the community who have had a low EF, so I'd love to see if others chime in here. How did you find out your EF dropped to 17? We highly encourage you to discuss this with your doctor to get the necessary treatment, if you haven't done so already, as an EF that low can be serious. Here is an article that explains more: Wishing you our best! -Jessica, Team Member

    1. My ejection fraction was 10% when I got diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. I didn't know until I had a stroke and the doctors did tests and found out. As said, contact your doctor for more information and to see your treatment options. I didn't experience any symptoms of heart failure until 4 years after I was diagnosed. Please let us know what your doctors say. All the best! Olivia Rose -Moderator

      1. As Jessica had mentioned, there are a number of us, whom have or had low ejection fractions. My EF was 8% right before I received a heart transplant in 2019. While waiting for a heart, I spent a total of 4 months in the hospital.

        It’s definitely a very scary feeling to go through with a low ejection fraction. In my case, I was born with congenital heart disease and I had heart failure multiple times throughout my life. I just want to let you know that you’re not alone. Feel free to reach out and ask as many questions you need too. Leslie (Community Moderator)

        1. Take time out to rest if you feel you need it, don't push yourself!

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