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Asymptomatic With No Diagnosis

I am 51 and I recently fainted for the first time in my life. Prior to fainting I was having blackouts near faints but ignored them because I assumed it was post Covid (spring 2022). I was sent to a cardiologist by my PCP and have also been admitted for chest pressure and pain. I had an ultrasound, it was normal. I had a heart Cath- no blockage. I had an MRI with no structural damage. I had an abnormal stress test and I have had several ECG, some normal some not. They recently implanted a loop recorder. My symptoms are dizzy often, short of breath often, near faints until I sit down when I feel it coming and V tach. My resting heartbeat is in low 50’s to high 40’s during the day and low 40’s at night. I am constantly tired with little to no energy and I used to exercise 5 days a week and have for years! Because all my tests are normal there is no urgency from the cardiologists. Can anyone relate or share similar condition?

  1. I sometimes had that kind of heart rate when my condition is "not stable". But it could be normal if you're an athlete.
    Your other symptoms do make me think they're related to heart problems, but looking at the tests and what the cardiologist said, I don't know.
    One thing, ECG is really-closely-related to the current condition. So in my opinion it's less "useful" than MRI or Echo, unless it's recording for 24 hours. My uncle had a heart attack, he went to the nearest small hospital where the ECG is bad and he was given ISDN (a medication) and sent to a large hospital. When arrived, he don't feel any symptoms and ECG also normal. The ISDN in his case successfully clears everything and makes everything in his heart electricity normal.

    1. > unless it's recording for 24 hours

      The loop recorder will do just that (just found out what it is)

      1. My father once displayed these symptoms, as I recall. We were so worried for him.

        1. yes. I have the same thing. Sometimes I start coffing or stand too quick, and I get dizzy and sometimes feel stuck like half in half out of conciseness. Not sure howl long some of them last, but I have learned kind of what to expect. I. Able to stop and sit or pull over before .

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