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Generic medicines

I m a 30 year old male, dealing with Diabetes and bowel problems. Due to financial reasons I felt like I m loosing too much money in these branded medical products. However, there are some excellent small scale generic drugs website which i think I should consider. Please enlighten me below for this decission.

  1. Hi Deepak, We are a community for folks living with heart failure. You may be better off posting this question on a forum for diabetes or bowel problems. I hope you get the answers you're looking for. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. While I can't recommend any sources for generic drugs, you can be assured that the generic is equivalent biologically, something I believe manufacturers must certify to the FDA. If there is not a generic version of a drug you are taking, sometimes the manufacturer has a savings program. That can cut the cost of your co-pay, even if you have insurance. More specific info is of course available on the relevant other disease forums. Let us know if this helps.

      1. Do you happen to have heart failure? Have you used Good RX to cut some of the cost in your medications? Sometimes, the pharmacies would inform me to check on my medication on a daily because meds do change their price sometimes daily. This helped me because I was taking up to 25 pills a day. Hope this helps. Leslie (Community Moderator)

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