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Has heart failure affected your mental health? What has helped you cope?

There is a direct connection between emotional and physical health. Having a chronic illness is associated with increases in depression and anxiety, which can then lead to more physical health problems.

It is totally normal to experience mental health struggles with a chronic illness. Tell us how living with heart failure has affected your mental health. Have you found anything that brings you peace? Share below!

  1. One of my friend was facing same problem. There is only one thig that can brings you peace is "be positive" Train your mind daily that you are getting better day by day.

    1. Thank you for chiming in with your great advice. It is so true that a positive attitude is so important when you have a chronic disease like heart failure. Wishing you all the best. John. community moderator

  2. I wake up every morning that I have a purpose in life and live like it's my last and I have a good support system

    1. I love your response. Sometimes it helps if you are a grateful and I totally agree with living life like its your last. Everyday is a gift.

    2. I would have to agree with you. You need the purpose, willpower, and the willingness to want to live. Sometimes, people don’t always see the big picture, have tunnel vision, and just want to throw in the towel when life starts to get rough. Glad you have a purpose and a great support system. That’s definitely needed. Thank you for sharing. Leslie (Community Moderator)

  3. I am too in Heart Fsilure low ejection fraction. I have anxiety issues. On top of all medical issues, my Mom passed away 09-2022 and my Dad 12-2022, my only sibling passed away in 1989. I have 2 grown sons who work 6-7 days a week. My biggest issue is someone to talk to, to listen. I am ALONE 80% of the week. The 20% is Cardiac Rehab, Dr appointments or groceries. Friends I had no longer stop by,rarely xall or ask me to lunch even. I am in total isolation too much. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please.

    1. Welcome to the heart failure community. I’m sorry to hear that your friends rarely visit you and are in isolation too much. I can emphasize because this happened to me when I was in heart failure before my heart transplant. My friends limited their time because they didn’t know what to say or do with me. During that time, I would go out to the store, take a small drive while listening to music, or even go to the local library or bookstore store so I would be surrounded by people. I would strike up conversations with people I met just to have some interaction with people. It’s a rough situation to be in and sometimes when the going gets rough, your true friends start to shine through. Others fall by the wayside because they don’t know how to react in the moment. Leslie (Community Moderator)

  4. Friends will use the term " keep fighting". Fighting really is not the issue. Being at peace, accepting your situation and limits, and having gratitude for. all of the blessings of my life. Really, for me, that is much more effective than "fighting". I have alot of outdoor activities I can still do, just not like I used to. I accept that. Thanks

    1. Thank you for sharing. I would have to agree with you. Being thankful for the things you can do still do is important. Sometimes, being able to wake up and do the daily tasks in life is something to grateful for. Hope you are doing well. Leslie (Community Moderator)

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