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Heart transplants: Have you had one? Are you waiting for one?

A heart transplant may be necessary for some people living with heart failure, but there are rigorous criteria to be met before being placed on the waiting list.

If you've had a transplant: share some words of advice for those that are waiting. How long did you have to wait?

If you're on the waiting list: do you have any questions for those who have gotten a transplant? How long have you been waiting?

  1. I have had a heart transplant! I would advise to not wait anxiously and if you have the ability walk 10 mins everyday it helps the recovery process
    Kimberly ( Team)

    1. that’s great you didn’t have to wait. Is that’s the usual wait time these days? I’m just curious. I don’t think I will go the transplant route if my heart ever gets that bad. My dad and my sister had to wait a year or more. But that was back in the late 80’s-early 90’s.

    2. Honestly I don't know. I believe it happens when it suppose to. I completely understand if you choose not to because it's not easy to deal with if any other problems occur like it did for me
      Kimberly ( Team)

  2. If you're waiting: stay as healthy as you can before, because the surgery will leave you so weak. Each case and each heart is different. Remain as calm as you can and be patient as your gift will come and it will be a perfect fit. I only had to wait 11 days until my new heart was found.

    1. Great advice! So glad your wait was so short. I can't image what a relief that must have been! Thanks for sharing! -Jessica, Team Member

    2. Wow 11 days was a gift in itself!
      Kimberly (Heart-failure

  3. My doctor told me two weeks ago I need a new heart. I am scared....scared of the whole process. I am 66, have had numerous heart attacks and Prinzmetal since I was 40. I am small with not much meat on my bones. I worry about rejection and the pain of an incision. I worry about my family and my dog who is so dedicated to me that being gone will leave her confused and scared even though my husband will be with her. I am trying to wrap my head around this whole thing but knowing that someone has to give their life before I can have mine is a terrible thought. I have a stress test and Echo coming up and then they will measure pressures within my heart. I have such low blood pressure that my doctor said I cannot take meds like Entresto to help with my symptoms but how will I survive a major surgery?
    I guess my only question is how to get over the fear?

    1. I can't imagine how much you're going through right now. I do have a couple of suggestions for dealing with the anxiety you're experiencing. The first one is to read the stories of others on who are dealing with similar issues, including those who have had a heart transplant, and to see how they are continuing to live their lives! The second suggestion is to read this article, which has some suggestions for dealing with anxiety! I hope this helps! -Jessica, Team Member

    2. Everything that you feeling, thinking, and the fears are absolutely normal. I remember being that way and my doctor at the time reassured me of it all being a part of the process. It's possible you will have them thoughts all the way through. The peace in it is. You will recover become healthier and be with your husband and dog in a way they never seen you, because you will have so much energy and zeal/will to live.
      Kimberly ( Team)

  4. I had a heart transplant on February 2, 2020. In order to be listed there are various tests you must go through.Some of the tests included blood work (a lot of tubes), right heart catherization, EKG, echocardiogram, mammogram, and a bone density test just to name a few. I was on the wait list for a heart for 47 days. If i could give any advice to anyone waiting I would say to live in the moments and to make sure your're walking so that you will be strong for heart surgery.

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