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Heart transplants: Have you had one? Are you waiting for one?

A heart transplant may be necessary for some people living with heart failure, but there are rigorous criteria to be met before being placed on the waiting list.

If you've had a transplant: share some words of advice for those that are waiting. How long did you have to wait?

If you're on the waiting list: do you have any questions for those who have gotten a transplant? How long have you been waiting?

  1. I have had a heart transplant! I would advise to not wait anxiously and if you have the ability walk 10 mins everyday it helps the recovery process
    Kimberly ( Team)

    1. If you're waiting: stay as healthy as you can before, because the surgery will leave you so weak. Each case and each heart is different. Remain as calm as you can and be patient as your gift will come and it will be a perfect fit. I only had to wait 11 days until my new heart was found.

      1. Great advice! So glad your wait was so short. I can't image what a relief that must have been! Thanks for sharing! -Jessica, Team Member

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