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How to stay healthy

  1. Hi do you have heart failure and are thinking about trying to stay as healthy as possible? Morgan ( Moderator)

    1. I am linking a couple of articles that I think will be able to helpful to you. -Olivia

      1. Depends on each one's experience of HF be it reduced/
        Mildlyreduced or preserved
        Personally I have NYHA Class II HFrEF@30%.
        What works for me is increasing my Cardiorespiratory fitness that include brisk walking and cycling to 12k - 15k steps each and every day take my meds and not too bothered about my diet although. I keep my weight at about 23 score on BMI scale my routine may nor suit others but presently 4 years on happy to maintain my way of doing things for my HF.

        1. Thank you for chiming in! How are you feeling these days? Morgan ( Moderator)

      2. Thanks for asking hard to beleive I have Heart Failure as I do not have symptoms that are a problem I have for the last 6 months been taking 200mg Co-Enyzme Q10 not sure if it is making a difference.
        Back here in England the smart money is on 50% of patients from being diagnosed dying within 5 years Not me thank you I have things to do and places to be for now.

        Take care

        1. Glad to hear that you are are managing your condition. Did your doctor recommend that supplement? Morgan ( Moderator)

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