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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber for people that need heart aortic valve replacement

I would like to find out what are people's experiences with using HBOT with people that have issue with their heart valves?

I've read a few things which is concerning. Is it safe for a person with heart valve issue to be doing HBOT?

In addition to this what if the person has fibrosis in the lungs? i.e. a persistent chronic cough that's been there for years?

On top of this, I would like to know, does HBOT actually benefit the heart? I've very few information regarding the beneficial effect on the heart, as primary use seems to be for non-heart related conditions.

Is it even possible that the heart valve can function better after HBOT treatments?

Is there a danger of making it worse?

I would appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks

  1. Thank you for chiming in here with your great questions. I do work in a hospital system that does HBOT. Although, this is not an area that I personally participate in. Although, by doing an Internet search I have found some articles on this topic that you may find helpful. The first is an overview of the effects of HBOT on heart function ( The other is a study showing HBOT may prove beneficial to your heart (,heart%20failure%20and%20systolic%20dysfunction.). I hope you find these helpful. Also, this may also be a great topic to discuss with your cardiologist, who may have further information on this topic. What do you think? John. community moderator.

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