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I had an Echocardiogram done in 2021

I was having mild heart complications at the time, my heart kept bothering me from time to time, It that was affecting me in other areas of my body at the same time! So they ordered an echocardiogram, to rule that out? I didn't really know at the time, what was happening, I just knew things weren't running correctly, my heart hurt a lot and kept giving me signs, it was not working correctly? That echo revealed, that my heart had a low ejection fraction of 66% at the time and the beginnings of, Mitral Valve Prolapse. I have a torn valve, that allows blood to flow back into my heart. So basically, not enough blood is being supplied to my body? I have had other internal problems as well? After each subsequent problem, I had to research it and my heart is slowly dying.. it's been known to cause or could cause permanent damage, if untreated? Basically, I have the beginnings of heart failure? I encourage anyone to look it up, if you're unfamiliar? However, Dr. David Schroeder completely ignored the signs, immediately signed off on the report, that my heart was working ok and didn't bother doing any follow up? What I have been thru, with my heart, how its completely its affected my body, has explained to me things aren't working right anymore, things weren't totally alright then? I am struggling, continue to struggle, continually ask for help to fix, and I am repeatedly ignored, so I continually suffer in silence? It's a strange situation, it's difficult to explain to people, but it is true!!! Since I have a mental disorder, everyone I have seen for each problem, is associated with my mental health? One of the known side effects, is known to be anxiety...which I have had, with each cardiac event that I have, trust me it's been many? I definitely, still have some struggles today? It's still highly ignored, because my medical chart says, there is no history of cardiac issues....even though, there is? Plus, I have a deep history of, Heart Failure in my family? People have died, because of different hidden or even known complications? I'm completely lost on what to do? I really only wanted to share my struggles, but really if you have a suggestion, it would be appreciated? Thank You for letting me rant? Please discuss?

  1. I am so sorry to hear that your issues are not being resolved and you are feeling neglected by your doctors. It is very important to know that your doctors listen to their patients and sometimes we must advocate for ourselves. I went through something similar before getting diagnosed with heart failure. I would tell my cardiologist my symptoms and he kept telling me that everything was fine until I had a stroke and was diagnosed with advanced heart failure. I am linking an article about advocating for yourself and seeking 2nd opinions. -Olivia

    1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I read your comment above, and your previous one here ( I'm starting to understand your current situation. I’m sorry you’re dealing with these heart conditions and doctors who don’t seem to respect you.

      Your doctors should take the time to fully explain your health conditions, what to expect, and any potential treatment options. With a family history of heart disease, it's important to have a doctor who takes you seriously and respects your concerns.

      I see that my colleague Olivia has offered advice on advocating for yourself with your doctor. Have you had a chance to check out her comment?

      Also, you say that your ejection fraction is 66. Are you aware that this is in the normal range? You can read more about it in the following article: (

      Take care, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more support. John. community moderator.

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