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Narrow pulse pressure with CHF

Hello everyone,

My mother has recently been diagnosed with HFrEF. The primary cause are multiple silent MIs that she was unaware of until an acute decompensation event a few months ago. Her EF was ~25%, but after a recent CABG it has improved to ~35%. She is a few weeks out from her surgery and recovering at home.

She is recovering slowly and has her next cardiology appointment in a few weeks. She is taking entresto, beta blockers, diuretics, and a number of other medications.

She has always had low blood pressure (~100/60 prior to CHF diagnosis). After CABG and being on these medications (which lower blood pressure further), she is always hypotensive. Her blood pressure varies from ~85/65 to ~95/70 and back.

What I am struck by is how narrow her pulse pressure has been (15-30). Have any of you experienced similar pulse pressure? Is it a cause for concern?

I understand we can always call her cardiologist, but given she is not experiencing any specific symptoms (that I can tell), I'd love to benefit from your experience first.

Thanks so much!

  1. Thank you for sharing with our community! I hope someone(s) in our community will chime in, but I do recommend you speak with her doctor as they will know how to best interpret her situation. Thanks again for stopping by and wishing you both a peaceful weekend. <3 - John M. ( Team)

    1. That is a great question that you pose. I do know that doctors monitor pulse pressure. Although, from my understanding is that they are mostly concerned about high pulse pressure. I will be honest, I am not aware of the significance of low pulse pressure. It's quite possible this may be "normal" in your mom's situation. Although to know for certain, this may be a great question to pose to your mom's cardiologist. What do you think? John. community moderator

      1. I am a retired RN and CHF fellow traveler. Please ask your provider. The wuestion.

        I read a littLe about pulse pressure. It looks like widened pulse pressure is a marker for future heart issue. Narrow pulse pressure appears to come with the heart failure. (If she has left side failure , her left ventricle is not pumping great, which means the systolic will be lower and id the diastolic hols, the pulse pressure would be narrower) At what point it becomes an issue is not clear to me.

        It may be that she needs her meds tinkered with. But if her lungs are clear, she’s not swelling, and she otherwise is asymptomatic, I would be less concerned but def check with doc.

        They took me off lisinopril because I was getting too hypotensive and not able to function.

        1. Others. Please chime in if I got anything wrong.

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