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Need to know more about coronary heart disease

Just found out the other day that I have mild to moderate coronary heart disease with 50perent blockage in my left anterior the main artery I think I am so anxious is this the end for me

  1. Hi. Welcome to our community. Glad to see you are already participating here in the forums. Sorry that you have been diagnosed with a 50 percent blockage of your artery. You are not alone here in this community with this diagnosis -- and many who have had it successfully treated and are doing quite well. Yours is a great question, and a common one. We do have lots of articles on this topic. For basic information about coronary heart disease, you may find this article helpful ( For an information about treatment options, you may find this article helpful ( That said, I am curious: Has your cardiologist talked to you about your diagnosis at all? Has he/she discussed treatment options for you? Wishing you all the best. John. community moderator.

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