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New here..anxiety abounds

Over the past holiday i spent 17 days in the hospital with HF, kid ey and liver failure..ef is 25%..3 mo the ago I was fine other than really struggling with trying to be positive, but have moments that hit me like a read the literature and it scares the hell out of you..I had ablation to stop the far so good, but I feel like im havi ng to construct a whole new life at spent years with low energy much like what I read on here, and have pots syndrome which complicates things..especially in the warmer months..just looking for balance and quality of helps to read all these posts to know im not alone out there..😮‍💨

  1. That sounds really really hard. I am so sorry you spent 17 days in the hospital with so many health issues. Figuring out a new normal and a new way of life can be hard. We are here for you. Many people in our community have shared similar stories before. There is definitely a way for you to find balance and quality of life. We are here for you. How are you doing so far this week? ❤️ Best, Amani ( team)

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