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Update - doc stopped beta blockers

After a couple of instances of angina (he and I think so anyway), and swelling in his lower legs and abdomen, my other half had the doc appointment on Friday. It sounds like he had a fairly good check up, including and ECG, he's having compression 'socks' fitted next week and an appointment is being made with the cardiologist but the only action taken was stopping his beta blockers because the doc recognised that my partners heartbeat is very, very slow. He has an appointment with the surgery nurse next Thursday to check his blood pressure and pulse hasn't gone crazy but I'm quite surprised he's stopped the BB's without any 'weaning off'.
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this? I was thinking he'd come back with additional meds for the angina, not fewer. He is on another blood pressure med, so I'm hoping I'm worrying unnecessarily and the change will improve blood flow naturally by speeding heart rate up.

  1. Most docs warn against abrupt stop of beta blockers because you can get rebound hypertension.

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