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Who I Lean on For Support: My Best Friend

When it comes to who I lean on for support one person comes to mind and that's my best friend. Better known as my soulmate. Most humans use the word soulmate with a romantic spouse in mind but I came to learn that it can also be a friend. SOULMATE simply means a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. Someone who you feel deeply connected to, but not in a dependent or needy way.

Getting support through my heart failure journey

They have supported me in many ways. When it comes to my journey of heart failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and heart transplant, it has led to depression and anxiety. For me, I believe the aftermath is harder than the disease itself. Meaning coping with it mentally, the moments when it would overtake me and my self-control was out of control.

How my best friend has been there for me

My friend/soulmate walked me through it second by second, minute by minute, day by day, month by month. All of my life, up to the moment my friend came into my life, I had never met a person that took my burden on as theirs. My friend even stated that if they could take my pain and sickness away and bare it, they would. I would not want them to do that, but the fact that my friend said it lets me know their heart and selflessness in caring about me.

To tell you a little story: The day had gone by, overall a good day for me but it was something about when the night fell that my depression and anxiety kicked in. This is why I say soulmate because at that moment my friend texted me, "ARE YOU OK?" I was beyond shocked, tears filled my eyes. I texted back, "I'M OK." The reason I said that was that I didn't want to be a burden because my friend had already spent time with me that day. It was their time to rest. About 20 minutes later a knock came on my door and to my surprise, it was my soulmate. All I could do was cry more because I needed them and they could feel it without my words.

Having them in my life has brought so much light to me. Life has been worth living, to have my best friend.

Who do you lean on for support in your heart failure journey?

Kimberly shares the impact that having a best friend has had on her through her heart failure journey. Do you have a similar story? Who do you lean on for support in your heart failure journey? A best friend? A doctor? A family member? A support group? Share your story, about who supports you and the meaning of that support, with our community by clicking the button below.

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