Never lose hope !!

My story is real, my story is true and I have beaten all odds, and I am here for a reason to share my story and I hope it inspires you & like your story inspired me and gave me hope. My name is Kathy Norton and I'm 47 yrs old. My occupation is a FedEx ground driver since Oct 2016 in Ellenwood, GA. I had my tubes removed. On 12/19 at my check-up with my ob-gyn, they suggested hormone medication and a required EKG for my heart, it came back abnormal.

Risk for sudden cardiac death

Then, on 2/5/2020 my echo results were left bundle branch block an EF 22%. I was told I was at high risk for sudden cardiac death. I was in a state of shock. I was driving a big truck with 100 plus stops, so many appts, tests, fewer hours days, 3/20 I went out to work due to risk of Covid and work, my life vest, my medicine, and an ICD defibrillator were implanted little below my collar bone on the left side in June, then 4 weeks LATER July they went in check for infection then 4 weeks later. They removed the ICD, 4 more weeks later echo results showed blood clots in the heart the day before surgery .blood thinners for a week and luckily it dissolved in one week ICD defibrillators were implanted again on the right side one week I was shocked 4 times in a roll, my heart was out of rhythm- It saved my life but needed a little adjustment.

Losing my job

The shock is no joke. It's nothing you want to feel, but it's worth it if it can save your life, the signs were there but I assumed it was my age, I smoked for 28 years, menopause; plus I pushed myself, my son tested positive for Covid 19, 18 days I had stayed in a hotel to avoid the risk. I felt like I would lose my job. My legs were so weak to walk up the stairs, nauseated, light-headed easy. I had no clue it would be my heart- 3 to 4 months leave turned into 14 months out of work and much more. I have been back to work a few times to Ellenwood, awaiting my next echo to be cleared to drive over 10000 lbs a few more weeks to build my strength back. But I travel 1 hour and 30 mins one way cause my last contractor wouldn't work with me with my condition or disability fired me, and tried to DQ.

The importance of staying active

I pushed myself to try to keep up and it really put stress on me. More but eagle deliveries contractor and management recertified me worked with, made it fit my needs, because they want to see me back to where I was but better. This part depends if I keep moving, being physical, but gotta go slow to see my heart strengthen. I was 5% from transplant and I can tell a major change the more I'm physical, but my job gave me hope. I just wanted to get back to it. Thank you guys for helping. It was more than a job it was hope that made me not give up. NEVER LOSE HOPE. THE BEAT. GONE ON. KATHY NORTON

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