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Trouble sleeping

I’ve been tossing & turning lately and can’t sleep. I’ve been feeling bad here lately & am worried because we are going on a trip to Mexico soon.
Seems like I had been doing great lately & all of a sudden feeling bad again… don’t know if it’s just anxiety about being far away from home or what.

  1. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling your best, especially with a trip upcoming. Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? Perhaps you can come up with a backup plan, in case you were to feel sick while you are away, if this is your concern. How does this sound to you? -Lauren (team member)

    1. I am leaving in about a week. Doing better now. My heart dr is not easy to get into an appointment & wouldn’t take this seriously anyway. His attitude feels like if you’re not in immediate trauma then it’s not a problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. Thank you for the update. Sorry that you are unable to get in to see your cardiologist. Have you had a chance to read 's suggestions for you above. I think she has a good one about having a backup plan. Perhaps it may be a good idea to check in at a local health clinic in your area. And perhaps this doctor can help you come up with a plan for when you are on vacation. I also know that my friends with health concerns will make sure they are aware of where local health clinics or hospitals are where you will be staying on your vacation, just in case you need them -- such as is discussed in this post ( Wishing you all the best on your trip to Mexico and hope you have a great time. Please do keep us posted how it goes for you and what you decide to do. John. community moderator.

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